Which 7 foods that kill testosterone to avoid? Find out here.

Top 7 worst foods that kill testosterone levels and sex drive. What you eat has an incredible impact on your body. While we tend to look at the impact of eating too much or not getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals, the truth is that eating the wrong foods as part of a healthy diet can counteract healthy hormone levels, especially for men.

1. Soy

Soy is a food that kills testosterone levels

Soy boy isn’t just an insult against the far left, a criticism leveled at the weak guys who think that eating just soy out of the hope of attracting skinny vegan chicks.  Soy is a food that kills testosterone levels. 

Also contains two chemicals, genistein and diadzein, that mimic estrogen in the body.
One male patient learned this the hard way by drinking so much soy milk that it caused him to grow breasts. Granted, he was drinking three quarts of soy per day. Yet these concerns are why you find so many new vegetarian milk alternatives other than soy.

People are buying almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, hemp milk and oat milk to replace animal milk without the side effects that can come from consuming too much soy milk.

It isn’t just soy milk, either. You run the same risk of growing man boobs if you’re consuming too much edamame and soy based meat alternatives. Why? Equol nearly shuts down dihydrotestosterone, the body’s most potent androgen, and this is found in the blood of those who consume a lot of soy.

It is a byproduct of digesting all those isoflavones in the soy, something that activates the body’s estrogen receptors. That’s on top of the phytoestrogens in soy that are chemically similar to estrogen. Yes, soy is one of the worst foods you can eat unless you want to lower your testosterone levels.

The problem for many is simply avoiding it in today’s world. For example, many foods contain hydrolyzed soy protein. Your cheap store-brand barbecue brisket could have that listed on the label because it lets them keep the protein level up without having to put as much beef in it.

Then you get people eating miso and natto, not knowing that it contains soy. If it says texturized vegetable protein, the odds are better than 90% it is soy without explicitly saying so. In part, this is why we inadvertently consume foods that kill testosterone. To play it safe, you should avoid low-grade meat and buy the real stuff.

2. Dairy

Dairy Lowering Your Testosterone

Why are dairy alternatives so popular? This is because dairy turns out not to be so good for you. One issue stems from the hormones given to most cows to force their bodies to make more milk. A different reason is that milk is high in sugar relative to the amount of protein it contains.  Skip the cheese and go for the steak if you’re trying to maximize muscle growth and testosterone levels .

3. Licorice

Does Licorice Lower Testosterone Levels in Men

Glycyrrhizic acid, the main compound in licorice and the source of its distinctive flavor, can suppress testosterone. Seven grams a day was found to lower testosterone levels in the subjects of a scientific study by a third, and this happened in a matter of days. Just don’t dump the licorice and go for a mint instead. More on that below.
While you’re at it, stay away from glycyrrhizin supplements touted as a natural way to boost your steroids or adrenal glands, since they contain glycyrrhizic acid.

4. Mint

Drinking a cup of spearmint tea cut testosterone levels in half

A 2004 study found that both peppermint and spearmint lower testosterone. Drinking one cup of peppermint tea reduced testosterone levels by a quarter.  Drinking a cup of spearmint tea cut testosterone levels in half . Skip the mint tea and go for green tea, black tea or almost any other type of tea instead. The study didn’t address the common use of mints in aromatherapy, but maybe you should just do the laundry already instead of trying to use something to cover up the scent and improve your mood.

5. Flax

Flax seeds reduce testosterone naturally

Flaxseed is popular today. One clear health benefit is the high level of omega 3 fatty acids it provides, and the fact that vegetarians can get it by adding flaxseed to their oatmeal instead of eating fish is a plus for them. However, flax seeds contain estrogenic compounds in the form of lignans. Not only do lignans reduce free testosterone, but it may reduce the body’s 5-a reductase levels. That enzyme is used to convert testosterone into DHT. It also interferes with the function of androgen receptors. In short, if you want omega 3 fatty acids, skip the flax seeds and go for the salmon. If you’re going for fiber, go for the oatmeal.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol decreases your testosterone levels

 Alcohol decreases your testosterone levels , albeit the matter isn’t as simple as “drink a beer and watch your levels go down”. One beer or two may have no impact on testosterone or actually cause it to rise. However, beyond two or three servings, depending on your body weight, and it could start to impact testosterone production. If you’re heavily intoxicated, the alcohol will lower your testosterone levels.

Alcoholics have much lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels than social drinkers and non-drinkers. This happens because the chronic abuse of alcohol increases the development of aromatase in the body, interfering with the body’s ability to convert testosterone into estrogen. Nor is it just beer. The same issues have been found if you drink too much wine.
End result: less testosterone and more estrogen unless you keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum.

7. Beets

If your testosterone levels are low or falling, stay away from beets

Beets contain vital nutrients, but they also contain compounds that boost estrogen levels. If you have high testosterone, then drinking a glass of beet juice improves your circulation due to its high levels of nitric acid.  If your testosterone levels are low or falling, stay away from beets.  Go for oranges or other fruit for the vitamin C and potatoes for the potassium.

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7 Foods That Kill Testosterone
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7 Foods That Kill Testosterone
While we tend to look at the impact of eating too much or not getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals, the truth is that eating the wrong foods as part of a healthy diet can counteract healthy hormone levels, especially for men.
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