Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Testosterone booster ingredients are essential for anyone that is interested in building muscle and increasing bone mass. Test also promotes well being in the human body.

Therefore, these ingredients are necessary for both men and women. However, men are more concerned than women when it comes to maintaining adequate levels of this testosterone in the body.

Two good reasons for this is that it helps them grow and maintain healthy muscles. Also, this hormone helps in maintenance of a healthy libido and general well being.

When we are young, our T- levels are at their optimum. However, when we start aging, our Test levels become depleted.

Normal Free Testosterone Levels in Men by Age


Normal Testosterone Levels in Men by Age (chart)
Testosterone Levels in Men by Age (chart)


As a result, muscle mass and libido take a downward plunge. Worse the feeling of vitality that is common in youth dissipates and we end up feeling tired all the time.

It’s too bad that nature always takes its course. However, the good news is that we can do something to enhance production and maintenance of testosterone in the body.

So even as we age, it doesn’t have to lead to loss of libido, muscle mass, and low energy.  The secret is in taking in more foods and supplements that can boost T- levels in our bodies. 

You will find many products in the market that claim to help boost testosterone production in the body. However, not all of them are legit, and you will get disappointed a lot if you believe that all products are great for your health.

The best way to beat the false advertising and choose great products for testosterone production is to pick the ones made out of beneficial testosterone booster ingredients.


What are testosterone booster ingredients?

 Testosterone booster ingredients are compounds that can improve the production of testosterone in the body and also promote healthy absorption of it.

Taking these ingredients in supplement form beats taking testosterone rich-foods for the same purpose any day.  It’s because it takes longer than necessary to get results from food as opposed to taking supplements.

When you take supplements made from healthy testosterone booster ingredients, they will push your body to produce this hormone in higher quantities and also encourage proper assimilation in the body.

The result will be more muscle growth, a stronger sex drive, and more energy. They make a difference and can change your life, turning you into a vibrant, active, and attractive individual.

Since test booster ingredients have such a significant effect on the body, you will find many of them in the market sold in supplement form. However, not all of them are good for your health.

The rule of thumb when shopping for testosterone boosters is to pick those that have been scientifically proven to work with no side effects. You don’t want to spend money on empty promises neither do you want to buy products that will destroy your body so watch out for fakes.


Testosterone booster ingredients to avoid

To avoid dangerous supplements with ineffective ingredients, you need to know the testosterone booster ingredients to avoid. These are ingredients that claim to have a beneficial effect on the body but instead will only harm you. Some good examples are:

– Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA

DHEA occurs naturally in the body so you would think any supplement containing it would be good for you. Unfortunately, this ingredient is not suitable for raising testosterone levels in the body. Instead, it converts to estrogen meaning you will have more than you need.

 Too much estrogen in your body will lead to low libido, fatigue, and increased abdominal fat.  It will also cause you to lose muscle mass, and worse – cause you to have man boobs. So it’s safe to say that DHEA will do the opposite of what testosterone boosting ingredients are supposed to do -which is why you should avoid any testosterone booster containing it.

– Horny goat weed

With a name such as horny goat weed, you would think such an ingredient would be great for a testosterone booster. Unfortunately, it is not a useful ingredient because it may harm your health. Although it can raise libido, it has no positive effect on your testosterone levels. Instead, it may cause you to experience a lot of adverse side effects such as fatigue, increased heart rate, and nosebleeds. You can read more about 7 foods that kill testosterone.


Testosterone booster ingredients that work

 Now that you are aware of some of the test boosting ingredients to avoid, its time to highlight the ones that work.  These are:

Testosterone booster ingredients that work - oyster extract is a great testosterone booster ingredient

– Oyster extract

Oysters have a reputation of being aphrodisiacs, so it’s no surprise that oyster extract is a great testosterone booster ingredient. It contains zinc which is an essential mineral for secretion of testosterone in the body. Hence any supplement containing this compound will work wonders for your T-levels.

– Fenugreek

Fenugreek increase testosterone levels in menHerbs have such a powerful effect on the body and there are some that work well for testosterone production. A great herbal ingredient for testosterone secretion is Fenugreek. Taking supplements containing Fenugreek often will normalize and increase production of testosterone in the body. You can also find it on its own in your local herbal store in powder or tea form.

– D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid significantly increase testosterone levelsD-Aspartic acid is an amino acid that can increase testosterone production in the body by up to 50 percent. It boosts libido by enhancing the output of the sex hormone in the body. It is one of the great ingredients to look for in any testosterone booster worth taking.

– Ginseng

Red Ginseng increases the natural secretion of testosteroneGinseng is another ingredient that is excellent for testosterone production. It helps boost energy levels in the body and also causes an increase in test secretion. You can be sure that any supplement containing this herb will increase your feeling of well-being and increase your physical and sexual performance significantly.

Vitamin D natural testosterone booster

– Vitamin D

Among all vitamins necessary for good health, Vitamin D is one that is essential for maintenance of healthy T- levels in the body. People suffering from low vitamin D levels may experience low libido and fatigue due to decreased T-levels in the system.

If you are looking for a good testosterone booster, make sure that Sunshine Vitamin D is one of the ingredients used to make it.  You can also boost vitamin D naturally by spending ample time in the sun. 

These are a few testosterone booster ingredients to avoid as well as test booster ingredients that work.

In the next article, we will review the best products that boost testosterone for you. In the meantime check out products that contain the great ingredients we have mentioned here and give them a try!